Issues We Treat

We provide personalized treatment approaches to help those with anxiety normalize the feelings, understand the physical and emotional roots of the disorder, and find specific solutions to help them cope.
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Learn to identify and address the underlying emotional, physical and social stressors that cause depression and related mood disorders such as bi-polar disorder.
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Our counselors understand there are good days and bad days during the grief process. We’ll help you ride that wave as you process love and loss.
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Trauma comes in many forms, and as a result requires flexible and patient treatment. We will work with you to find ways to self-soothe trauma reactions in the moment and eventually develop a fuller understanding of trauma and how to overcome it to your full capacity.
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We understand self-harm is not the same as being suicidal. It’s a form of releasing and expressing emotional pain. We will help you find healthier ways of expression and how to find solutions to those things that cause your pain.
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Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are biological diseases, not a disease of vanity. We will help you understand the root of your disorder, develop tools to address it, and learn to love yourself from the inside out.
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Life Transitions
Life transitions are not necessarily about “bad” things, though any transition can cause stress and anxiety. We can help you identify the thoughts and worries you have about change and find effective ways to cope with those experiences.
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Sexuality encompasses more than just your anatomy. It deals with your perception of self via gender, attraction, intimacies, and more. We can help with the process of discovering, accepting, and enjoying your body.
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Addictions & Substance Abuse

Have you or someone you love developed an addiction? Do you drink to excess? Abuse drugs? Have a behavioral addiction such as gambling, sex and love, shopping, internet?
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